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Welcome to WPIC

White Page International Concept Nig Ltd. (WPIC) is a leading international private oil and gas engineering company specialized in oil and gas development services, environmental policy support, management and IT Solutions. It was founded in the year 2003 by an Engineer who has over thirty five (35) years of experience in the Oil & Gas industry.He was motivated by the Global energy demand and his intention to provide high quality service and excellence. His vision for a world class oil and gas engineering company while adding value to stakeholders enabled him draw up a frame work and a reliable structure for the company.


We are committed to the continuous improvement of our professional services towards the development and service of the society with the highest levels of professional integrity and commitment.


To be among the top Engineering consulting firms and technological solutions provider while providing the best professional service value regardless of project size or profitability.

About us

White Page International Concept Nigeria Ltd. (WPIC) is a leading consulting engineering and IT Solution firm recognized for her commitment to client service and passion to make a difference. We bring global knowledge, wide range of experience and multi-disciplinary capabilities to serve our clients. We provide a wide range of sustainability-based engineering services to the oil and gas industry based clients to support their programs and projects. 

We are a technically oriented company in the Energy and IT Solution sector offering its services on a global basis. We specialize in delivering high technical design and construction, IT Solutions, Management evaluations and high impact, rapid turnaround projects. WPIC provides means for clients to make critical corporate and strategic decisions in a timely and effective manner. Our clients include large and small E&P companies, both locally and internationally.

World Class Professionalism

WPIC is led by a very experienced and hands on professionals with a wide range of skills, members of our Management team have held Top Managerial positions in various multinational companies for years thereby, gathering extensive experience in the energy sector. Meetour team!


Our Services

We provide client oriented professional services, based on international standards, codes, procedures and more, a commitment for excellence. The company is staffed and equipped with the latest technology and know-how to provide a competitive and cost effective professional service to meet the diversified requirement of its clients while maintaining high ethical and professional standards.

Whatever your needs are in the energy sector, WPIC has the in-house expertise to deliver.